The love for music-Weekly foto challenge : Beloved.

Juan, 67 years old is a Peruvian musician that caught my attention while I was walking around the historic center of Lima-Peru.
He used to be a professional trumpeter, but unfortunately, he was involved in an accident where he lost his teeth and now he uses a dental prosthesis.
He no longer has the strength in his lips to play at a professional level, that’s why he became a street musician and he makes a living from it.
I have chosen this photo for the weekly photo challenge “Beloved” because I was impressed by the love and passion that Juan had for his music and for his instrument.

Peruvian street musician trumpet player

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved by The Daily Post.




  1. Ain’t no mountain high enough when you are passionate about something.
    Hope he is still in love with music

  2. A sad story about Juan and his accident 🙁 I admire him for being strong and keep doing what he loves to do. Thank you for sharing his story, Angela!

    • Thank you, I think that sometimes we give up too soon when we find obstacles but we should never give up doing the things we love. Have a beautiful Sunday.

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