Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely

We had to wake up at 2 am to navigate the river guided only by the light of the moon. The jungle in Tambopata, Peru was quiet and dark. Our goal was to see the Aras eating clay very early in the morning. When we arrived at our destination after almost three hours down the river, we tried not to make any sound as these beautiful birds could get scared and they would never show up.

Unfortunately, we were not the only people waiting for this moment, the other groups could not be quiet and kept making noises, that was so annoying. At that point, I thought that it was unlikely to happen.

Suddenly a group of colorful Aras started flying towards the hill covered with clay, it was a spectacle that I am never going to forget!

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely by The Daily Post.

Aras in Tambopata National reserve

Aras in Tambopata National reserve




  1. Amazing and so beautiful! I would love to see them someday! We were told that in Ecuador’s Amazon has parrot clay lick – maybe similar to Peru – but unfortunately we could not reach the area when we were there due to weather 🙁 I hope next time we will be able to see them when visiting Peru!

    • I think that the rainforest in Ecuador is similar to the Peruvian one. It rains a lot and sometimes they have to cancel the excursions but in general you should be able to see them. Let me know if you need any tips or advice

  2. So beautiful! How far away were you? (In Venezuela we called them guacamaya.) Great post, Angela!

    (Btw, we’ve listened to ‘Como Soy’ so many times! Do you perform in Singapore?)

    • Ah, you are so sweet, thanks so much for listening to my music. Yes, I actually performed a couple of times here.

  3. Beautiful photo and interesting story, Angela. In Venezuela, we call them guacamaya. How close were you to them?

    • I was actually very close that’s why I did not want to disturb them. Yes, in Peru we call them also Guacamayas!

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