Homestay on a floating island | Lake Titicaca, Puno-Peru.

Uros Puno

Here are some photos I took while visiting The Uro’s islands in Lake Titicaca near Puno.

The floating islands are present in Lake Titicaca at 3,800 m.a.s.l. History says that Manco Capac and his wife Mama Ocllo came, from the Titicaca Lake after being sent by gods to form the Inca Empire.

Uros came into existence many years ago and were able to build their islands by use of natural resources. They were using Totora reeds which is substantial material to build houses, schools among other buildings.

The island owner where we were staying revealed to me that the Uros used to replace the Totora reeds on the ground on a regular basis to keep the island secure. At some point, the Totora reeds could rot as one side was submerged under water, so they were working hard to ensure that they conserve their houses and Island as well.

One funny anecdote while having a conversation told me that he used to own another big Island and after having a conflict with one of the habitants he decided to cut it off for him and his family to have their island. The Island is today a floating hotel that is attracting so many visitors and tourists. Their primary activity here is tourism and fishing. The anecdote told me that they made a decision to adapt their island to travel and utilises his wife’s cooking skills she acquired after attending a cooking course in Cusco, a city that attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world who come to enjoy the beautiful environment and delicious food.

The night we spent there was very cold, and we had to use bottles with warm water and alpaca blankets to keep us warm. Walking over the floating Island was very fun seeing myself sink into the Totora ground.

I had a lot of fun with my family enjoying the beautiful sceneries, and when thinking of going for the holiday,
lake Titicaca  is one of the most characteristic and picturesque places in Peru. However, you need to watch the altitudes so that you don’t get sick when you visit the area.

Lake Titicaca, Puno-Peru. Floating island. Uros.
Lake Titicaca, Puno-Peru.
Lake Titicaca, Puno-Peru. Floating island. Uros.
Uros Qhantany Lodge.
Visting Puno in Peru. Titicaca lake.
Puno, Titicaca Lake, Peru.
Tourism Floating island. Uros. Puno Peru Titicaca
Landscape near Titicaca lake. Puno Peru.
Titicaca lake how Uros family live. Puno Peru
The daughter of the Uro family owners of our accomodation.
Uros fishing in Titicaca lake Puno Peru
Fishing with the Uro’s at the Titicaca lake.
Angela's corner travel blog Titicaca Peru Puno homestay
Visiting the Uro’s floating islands in Puno-Peru.
Group of floating islands in Puno Titicaca Peru
A group of floating islands at the Titicaca lake in Puno-Peru.

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  1. Es increíble pero hay lugares tan bellos como estas islas y el lago titicaca que te hacen pensar que aun existen pequeños paraísos en el mundo, que fotos tan lindas y una experiencia maravillosa, gracias por compartirlo

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