How long can you keep make up and make up brushes?

Believe it or not but even make up and make up brushes have an expiry date. Throwing out your expensive cosmetics might not sound appealing but let’s delve a little deeper into this topic, so you know when it’s time to say goodbye!

How long does make up last?

All make up lasts for a different amount of time depending on the product. You should really be careful with products that go around your eyes to help prevent any possible infections. Mascara has the shortest lifespan and should generally be replaced every 3-6 months. You should not keep eye shadow for any more than two years. Lipstick, foundation and concealer can all be kept for around 2 years, providing that they haven’t dried out of course! I think you can see that despite the expiry dates, make up can be kept for quite some time. I would say to check your make up regularly and don’t buy new make up until you have used up the old stuff, this will help you stop wasting any perfectly good items.

How long should you keep make up brushes?

You should replace your make up brushes every 6 months – 1 year. If you clean your brushes regularly in order to get rid of bacteria, you can probably hang on to them for around a year. Despite thorough cleaning, after a year, it’s guaranteed that your brushes will be holding on to some germs so it’s really best to bin them at this point.


Taking care of your make up and brushes should help them last longer but it’s important that you know when they need to go. Hanging onto old make up and actually putting these products onto your skin is not healthy and can lead you to break out or go through other skin problems. Look good while thinking smart by arranging your cosmetics and using them up by the expiry dates!

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