How to make a delicious Causa, a light potato starter | Tasting Peruvian gastronomy.

Causa is a potato starter that you can make by smashing potato layers and stuff with chicken, shrimps or tuna. To prepare the Causa is not very hard and you can even make a vegetarian version. Causa origin traces from a story tells that on 29th July 1821 there was a significant ceremony in Lima Peru when the country was celebrating its independence from the Spanish. The guest of honor was General San Martin who led the fight to independence and the woman in charge of catering had no enough ingredients thus she prepared the Causa using potato, limes, and chills. The Causa version has been changing since then, but the potato is still the main ingredient.

The first cultivation of potato was in 8000 a.c by natives who inhabited the Peruvian Andes and later bought by Spanish to Europe. In Peru, potato cultivation is of more than 3000 types. However, the original Causa is prepared using the yellow potatoes which soft and strong to assemble the layers of the dish.

The ingredients of the Causa include;
● 1.5 kg potatoes
● ¼ cup of oil
● Juice of 4 lemons
● Three chills which you can use in case you don’t have Aji Amarillo chills, or the scotch bonnet chill (peel the chills to remove the upper coat then mix them with oil using a blender)
● Salt
● 480 g boiled or cooked chicken breast (boneless/skinless) and shredded.
● Three Avocados
● Mayonnaise
● Chopped parsley
Now after ensuring you have all ingredients you need to prepare Causa to follow the following procedure;

Boil the potatoes and put some salt until they become soft enough.

Now peel the potatoes and mash them using a tomato smasher.

Now add the following to the mashed potatoes; salt, lemon juice, and some oil then mix them smoothly. Add the chili that you had blended then mix them using your hand, and if you feel it’s too dry, you can still add some oil to make it softer.

Take a rectangular Pyrex tray, spread some potatoes mix to make a layer. In a bowl mix chicken with some salt and mayonnaise then spread it over on top of the potatoes layer. Add avocado slices on top and cover it with the remaining potatoes mix. Garnish it with egg, chopped parsley, and mayonnaise. Now sit down and enjoy your meal.

In case you don’t take chicken you can make the meal without it, and you can also make a personal dinner using cook’s ring.

How to prepare peruvian chicken causa

Peruvian Chicken Causa


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  1. I love Peruvian food! Thank you so much for the recipe, most def I will try it out. I hope someday I visit Peru to try their authentic kitchen 🙂

    • Hi, I am happy that you would like to try it, it is actually very easy to make and you can be very creative with the ingredients that you will put in between the layers. Happy weekend!

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