Singapore best places to visit – Kampong Glam.

Kampong Glam

Places to visit in Singapore: An afternoon discovering the Malay and middle eastern heritage of Kampong Glam.

Singapore is a country that is nonetheless surprising; I love walking around new places and learning about the cultures that make up this country.

In 1820 when the British colonized Singapore, began the development path to modernity that we see today.

The English with the Company of the East Indies Islands leased Singapore from the Sultan of Johor and turned it into an important point for trade in South Asia.

Kampong Glam derives from Kampong which means “Village” in Malaysian and trees “Glam” that abounded at that time in that area.

That was how they began to replace swamps and mangroves by roads and streets and to urbanize the city.

Malaysians, Arabs, Chinese and Japanese began to migrate to Singapore to take advantage of the economic boom of the trade.

With the arrival of the immigrants also reached their religion, Islam. The Sultan Mosque, the largest in Singapore was built in 1824 by the first Sultan of Singapore “Sultan Hussein”, it is said that he was inspired by the Taj Mahal.

singapore walking tour.
Places to visit in Singapore: The Sultan Mosque, Kampong Glam.


Points of interest:

In Kampong Glam, you will find the quaint and colorful “Shophouses” that were built to accommodate immigrants and people in general who were attracted by the trade area.

Walking along Arab Street and Bussorah Street you will see shops that sell fabrics, baskets, spices and jewels that alternate with cafes designed and decorated with very good taste and creativity.

Kampong Glam- Singapore
Places to visit in Singapore: Haji Lane, Kampong Glam.
Kampong Glam- Singapore.
Places to visit in Singapore: Details, Arab street Kampong Glam- Singapore.

Another point of interest is the Malaysian Heritage Center (Malay Heritage Center), where you will find exhibitions and important data that represent the Malaysian community in Singapore.

After passing through Beach Street which owes its name to the coastal road and was once frequented by fishermen, you will find Haji Lane, a very picturesque little street with second-hand vintage boutiques and shops of local designers.

The shop owners of this area have let artists unleash their creativity with these colorful murals.

Places to visit in Singapore: Kampong Glam.


Singapore walking tour.
Places to visit in Singapore:: Mural made by the artist Didier Jaba Mathieu. Kampong Glam, Singapore. Clothes: Romper, The Editor’s market. Hat, Uniqlo. Bracelets, Lovisa. Photo: HelloRaya.

Extra information:

From Bugis underground station, take exit B and walk approx. 4 minutes to Arab Street, from there you can start your walking tour.

Some nice places:

Blu Jaz Cafe: A cafe with colorful murals, terrace and live jazz music in Bali Lane (a narrow street that crosses Haji Lane).

Mamanda: A restaurant and cafe that serves traditional Malaysian food, is located in “Gedung Kunming” the palace built for Tengku Mahmoud, the grandson of the Sultan Hussein. It is also known as the yellow mansion.

Singapore walking tour.
Places to visit in Singapore: Kampong Glam.

Hope you liked my article about Kampong Glam. Thank you for reading my blog!

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