Top 13 tips to avoid Jet lag

What to know about jet lag

Jet lag is a physiological disorder that results from disruption of our biological clock and happens when traveling through the air and you cross various zones in a short time. The problems occur mostly when you are traveling or when you change your sleeping patterns due to change in working shift. The jet lag Symptoms can be more severe when you are traveling from west to east since the day will tend to be longer than the nights. Loss of appetite, fatigue, and headache are some of the symptoms you will experience once you start suffering from the jet lag.

Who can suffer from jet lag?

The disorder can affect anybody when you change your sleeping patterns which may make your body take a while before adapting due to the imbalance of your biological clock. However, if you are suffering from chronic diseases such diabetes you might experience severe jet lag symptoms. Taking alcohol while traveling can also worsen the situation. In most cases, the elderly tend to be more prone to jet lag than the young.

Executive lounge at Changi Airport-Singapore. How to beat Jet lag

Executive lounge at Changi Airport-Singapore.

How can you prevent yourself from jet lag?

There is no proven medication for jet lag, but you can make your body resistance to the disorder by doing the following:

  1. Ensure you lead a healthy life and go for body fitness exercises –researchers say that people who are physically fit experience fewer symptoms than the people who are not healthy and fit.
  2. Also always take a balanced diet to keep your body healthy.
  3. Try to rest well before flying.
  4. Change the time of your watch to match the time at your destination.
  5. Avoid taking alcohol because it will dehydrate you.
  6. If you need to sleep, block all light and noise, you could use a sleep mask and some ear plugs.
  7. Avoid taking any caffeine drink during your flight, such as coffee, cola, tea and Red Bull. Caffeine can cause problems in your sleep, you can have coffee when your trip is coming to an end.
  8. Drink a lot of water, your body works better when hydrated.
  9. Keep your body active while traveling by stretching in the flight or just walk around.
  10. Before traveling check the local time of your destination so that you arrive during the day for you to explore the city with plenty of light, the daylight will help you stay awake.
  11. Try to adapt to the eating schedule of your local time as soon as possible.
  12. Make yourself comfortable and warm with a sweater while traveling as it is very difficult to rest if you are feeling cold.
  13. If at your destination you are feeling tired, get a 20-minute nap, this will make you more alert.

Jet lag has no medication, but you can reduce the symptoms intensity by following the above measures.

Do you have other tips to beat jet lag? I’d love to hear your comments.

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