Traveling to Phang Nga Bay- James Bond Islands, Thailand.

phang nga bay thailand

Phang Nga Bay, many years ago, was the greatest coral reef in the world. Now, just a remnant of that massive reef, the beautiful waters are calm and turquoise with limestone stacks dominating the landscape. It’s positively unimaginable what a variety of fascinating fish and other sea creatures that used to live here and still do even now.

We took a day trip where we sailed peacefully among mangroves. We spotted huge iguanas basking in the sun on rocks along the shore and brilliantly colored Kingfisher birds.

There were almost no other boats near us, it was almost as if we were secluded.

Stopping at the James Bond Islands, which is a major tourist attraction, there were plenty of both tourists themselves and souvenir vendors. Not a big fan of crowded places, this was definitely not the highlight of my trip.

We then decided to visit the islands surrounding Phangnga Bay for a more authentic impression. This was the highlight of the trip for me. We stopped at one of the islands to have lunch where first we were served watermelon and pineapple which was perfectly placed on a tray. For the main dish, we had delicious chicken fried rice. This place was so beautiful and having the island all to ourselves was an astounding and unique experience. Not only did I forget it was Christmas, but I didn’t even miss it!

After visiting the Bay, we headed back to our accommodations in Phang Nga. Manora Garden is immersed in a latex tree plantation and the surroundings are quiet and peaceful. Within walking distance there is a stunning waterfall, adding to the zen-feel of the place. The owners were lovely as well and helped us organize our excursions.

We spent the last two days of our trip in Phuket at Kamala Beach Novotel. Even though it was Christmas, the beach wasn’t crowded at all. I got to snorkel directly in front of the hotel and during the evenings, it was pure heaven to watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail on the rooftop bar.

Have you ever been in Thailand? I would love to hear your comments.

Phang nga Bay- Boat trip.
Phang Nga Bay- Boat trip.
Phang Nga Bay- James Bond islands.
Phang Nga Bay- James Bond islands.
Phang Nga Bay- Boat trip, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Mangroves, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Mangroves, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Long Tail boats, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Surroundings of Manora Garden, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Surroundings of Manora Garden, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Boat trip, Thailand.
Phang Nga Bay- Boat trip, Thailand.
Have you been in Thailand before? I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Hello Angela,
    I just read about your Phangnga bay trip! Yes, it is really a very nice tour, even when the sjjn is not there…. Good that you could fully ddnjoy our place in Phangnga &Phuket.
    Many greetings from Nui and myself from Manora Garden!

  2. I was in Phang Nga Bay just for a day trip but this place left me in awe. Unfortunately I was in Thailand in April when Thai people also have holidays and all places I visited were extremely busy. Lucky you to have a chance to experience places without crowds.

    • Thank you Maya, I am sorry to hear that you could not enjoy your visit with all the crowds. Greetings and I look forward to reading more articles in your blog.

    • Hola Susy, que bueno que te gustó, con mis relatos espero ayudar a otros viajeros o simplemente servir de inspiración. Un abrazo y gracias por pasar por aquí!

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