A paradise waiting to be discovered, Langkawi-Malaysia.

The island of Langkawi was my final destination after touring Malaysia from Singapore, the country where I live. We visited Malakka, Cameron Highlands and Penang at the beginning of our trip.

The first impression when arriving by ferry to the port of Langkawi, was suffocating, it was holiday’s season (Christmas and new year), I encountered a multitude of people who wanted to convince me to rent a car, book a trip to an island or book a hotel. After walking among the crowd, I was finally able to find the taxi that would take me to my hotel.

Our hotel was in the middle of nature surrounded by lemon trees, buffaloes and an adorable dog that came to greet us every time we arrived.

The box chalet, our accommodation in Langkawi Malaysia.

Some of the beaches I visited:

Cenang beach:

Cenang is a beach where people practise jet ski, banana boat and volley ball, the main street has plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops. it is a very popular destination for tourists.

Black sand beach, although the sand is not very black as I thought (ha ha) is a nice beach to go for lunch, there is a small stall with fresh food at very reasonable prices. If you like photography you will like this beach, it must be even more beautiful during the sunset.

Langkawi Malasia.
Black sand beach, Langkawi Malaysia.

Tenang beach:

Tenang, is much quieter than Cenang, the sea is calm and the beach is very wide, there is room for everyone!. In the surrounding area there are restaurants and cafes. I recommend “Cactus” with a good variety of dishes (also fish and chips) and good prices.

Tenang beach, Langkawi-Malaysia.


Tanjung Rhu beach:

Tanjung Rhu, located in the north of the island, is absolutely my favourite beach, there is an area reserved as private beach by the 4 seasons hotel but the rest is open to the public. It is a small paradise, a very clean beach with white sand and crystal clear water. There are some small boats that bring people to the mangroves that are nearby but they are very few and far away. On this beach there is also a food stall, I enjoyed eating first row watching the sea.

Tanjung Rhu beach. Langkawi-Malaysia.
Tanjung Rhu beach. Langkawi-Malaysia
Stir-Fried seafood with noodles, sautéed vegetables and vegetable fried rice at a very simple bar-restaurant on the beach.


Langkawi has not only beautiful beaches but also amazing nature, we found few latex forests, flower fields and mangroves along the way.

There is a tourist place we visited called Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, swimming there was very refreshing.

We also visited the Buffalo park, this is an activity that children love because they can feed the buffaloes, see how they milk them and at the end taste a delicious ice cream made with buffalo milk.

Nature, Langkawi-Malaysia.
Langkawi, Malaysia.
Mangrooves, Langkawi-Malaysia.
Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, Langkawi-Malaysia.
Langkawi, Malasia.
Rubber trees, Langkawi-Malaysia.

My conclusion is that Langkawi is an island that gives you many possibilities to relax and have a fun time.

I hope this article will be useful, thank you for following me around the world!


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