Weekly photo challenge “Lines” | Llamas and alpacas graze freely in the Andes. 

llamas en arequipa

Do not you think that Mother Nature is a great artist? It seems that someone had drawn lines of different colors with a brush in the Andes of Peru.

This is a picture I took in Arequipa, Peru after going through stretches that reach 4,910 m.a.s.l.

In Peru, hundred thousand peasants are in charge of the breeding and trading of alpaca fiber and they have around 4 million alpacas under their care and responsibility, allowing an annual production of 7 thousand tons of alpaca-fiber per year.

Without the care of these farmers, these animals would die, frozen and hungry during the frost seasons, because it can get very cold in the heights of the Andes.

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines by The Daily Post.

Arequipa, Peru. Lamas and alpacas.
Arequipa, Peru. Lamas and alpacas.





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