What to pack for Japan during spring | simple tips and advice.

I had the opportunity of visiting Japan between the last week of March and the first week of April this year.

As this was my second time in Japan during the same period of the year, I thought that the weather was going to be the same. For my surprise the weather was sunny, warm, no rain and no wind. Actually, it was the ideal weather so I was very happy with it because the previous year it was cold, rainy and very windy.

For my 15 days trip to Japan, I packed several clothes sets because I was going to visit some towns located in the mountains where it can get colder and I was going to visit Tokyo as well. Here I share what I packed for this spring holiday.

What to pack for spring in Japan:

• Location: Shirakawa-go Weather: 23℃ / 8°C Period: Last week of March Season: Spring

Shirakawa-go is a small village located between the mountains in the Gifu prefecture in Japan. During the day it was pleasantly warm and sunny, but there was still plenty of snow despite the sunny weather and some parts of the roads were covered with some ice and mud, it was a good idea to wear boots and the hat was a good protection against the strong sun.

Shirakawa go

Shirakawa-go Gifu prefecture Japan

• Location: Takayama Weather: 23℃ / 8℃ Period: Last week of March Season: Spring.

For discovering the narrow streets and visiting the temples of Takayama in the Gifu prefecture, a winter coat and a warm sweater, were absolutely necessary, as Takayama is located in the mountains, the temperature can drop down incredibly during the night and late afternoon.

Takayama Gifu Prefecture in Japan what to wear

Takayama Gifu Prefecture in Japan

• Location: Matsumoto: Weather 23℃ / 15℃ Period: Last week of March Season: Spring

For my visit to Matsumoto, a beautiful city in the mountains of Honshu, I got the chance of wearing my Zara Pink coat which I thought added a touch of color to my black outfit and matched the pink shades of the cherry blossoms (but that was a coincidence  ). The sun can be very strong in Japan, I always wear a factor 50 makeup-cream of La Roche Posay.


Matsumoto Japan

• Location: Nagano Weather: 23℃/13℃Period: Lats week of March Season: Spring.

In Nagano, we visited the Snow monkey park (Jigokudani park) the road leading to the park, was a little bit muddy, it is actually 25 to 30 minutes walking distance from the bus stop to the monkey park. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes (I was wearing boots). I’ve heard that during the rainy and very cold seasons, it is really necessary to wear water proof hiking shoes, but eventually, they also rent boots at the entrance of the park.

Nagano mountains

Walking in the Nagano mountain region.

• Location:  Hakone  Weather: 20 ℃ Period: 1st week of April Season: Spring.

I wanted to visit Hakone because I’ve heard that it was a picturesque place near Tokyo; it was beautiful, the iconic Mount Fuji hides behind this tourist ship. It was very windy because it is located at a lake, but it was sunny as well, a light shirt, white sneakers, and comfortable legging pants were perfect for this day trip.

Hakone Japan

Hakone Japan

• Location:  Tokyo  Weather: 24 °C/18 °C Period: 1st week of April Season: Spring.

In Tokyo the weather was beautiful and I did not need a winter coat anymore, the sneakers were perfect to walk all those kilometers and to discover the city, the long sleeves shirts are perfect for spring. In the evenings when it got a little bit chilly I wore a light scarf. I also packed a summer, flower long dress which was perfect for visiting Shinjuku Gyoen Park, and for enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Shinjuku Tokyo what to pack

Shinjuku Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen park Tokyo

Shinjuku Gyoen park Tokyo


Three long sleeves shirts in different colors.


Jeans, three pairs of legging pants, long skirt.


Spring dress.


Light wool sweaters, tops  (short sleeves and long sleeves).


White sneakers, long leather boots, black leather ankle boots.


Winter coat with fur hoodie, pink double breast coat.


Scarf, sunglasses, everyday bag or purse, fedora hat, umbrella, small backpack (for my camera gear & pocket wi-fi).


• Hair products: Hair oil. I use Hask – argan oil each day, dry shampoo, shampoo and conditioner, hair lac, hairbrush, hair bands (I make sure to bring all my products in 100ml travel bottle containers).

• Sun protection (I use daily SPF50 sunscreen for my face, from La Roche Posay)

• Charging accessories: A Power converter, multiple USB charger that lets me charge several devices at the same time, camera battery charger, extra camera SD cards (at least three because I take a lot of pictures).

• Medicines: I always carry paracetamol (for headaches), sticking plasters and betadine which is a good antiseptic solution (for wound care).

• Extra bags for the shoes and the laundry.

• Pyjamas: A warm set of pyjamas. Do you know that in Japan it is common to find a set of pyjamas as a courtesy at your hotel, that is a very nice gesture!

*I stayed at hotels but also and at an Airbnb accommodation which gave me the chance of making my own laundry, normally they provide washing powder.

I hope that this article inspires you or maybe give you some ideas for what to pack for your visit to Japan in this period of the year.

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